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Patient Reviews

I have worked with Dr. Ettekal for about 2 years now post a very rough divorce; he was recommended to me when I first moved to the South Bay. I can't say enough about the quality of his approach, his care, and his diligence and knowledge with regards to matching you with effective medicines as well as his flexibility to consider natural supplements for anxiety maintenance. In my experience, the behavioral professionals I have worked with seemed disconnected or not engaged. Dr. Ettekal is combination with his very engaging personality, he is very collaborative...upon leaving his sessions, I feel a sense of relief and renewal. I strongly recommend Dr. Ettekal to those seeking a quality physician and engaging counseling. Thanks, Doc, for all your help!  (

Dr Ettekal is a compassionate and highly effective psychiatrist. His technique results in positive changes. I highly recommend him.  (Healthgrades)

There are very few physicians who are kinder or more astute than this guy.  Dr. Ettekal often goes out of his way for me as one of his patients.  I recommend him often.  Not much else to say, really.  (Yelp)

I have worked with Dr. Ettekal for about five years and when I leave his appointments I am always smiling, and I know that I am understood. (Yelp)

Dr. Ettekal is such a responsive, sympathetic doctor. If you or anyone in your family has mood disorders or mental-health concerns, you would be lucky to work with this guy. Good availability, good empathy. Thanks. (Yelp)

Dr. Ettekal is a wonderful psychiatrist.  He's incredibly knowledgeable about medications but does not push them.  He's not "heavy handed" in any sense, in fact he is extremely attentive and listens to all of my concerns and questions.
Psychiatry can be a very complicated endeavor and Dr. Ettekal makes it a positive experience every visit because he is compassionate, understanding and helpful. Not to mention always on time!

If you need help, don't wait.  Dr. Ettekal has helped me tremendously when other psychiatrists in the past have failed. (Yelp)

I had the privilege of working with Dr. Ettekal . He is a true professional in every sense of the word. He gives his patients quality care and has great knowledge of the human condition. I would highly recommend Dr. Ettekal to anyone who is in need of care in the area of Depression and/or Anxiety. When my father was dying,  I asked Dr. Ettekal for a bit of advice. He was professional, yet so understanding and showed true concern. He lifted my spirits. It is not easy to find a good Dr. who listens to the patient and gives his time, has compassion, and truly cares about people's well being.  Dr, Ettekal is the best choice.  (yelp)

I can't say enough about this gentle and kind doctor.  He's compassionate and he's very good at what he does.  I'm a graduate student and as such, I was experiencing anxiety.  I'm also very reluctant to take medication of any kind.  Dr. Ettekal and I worked together and he has helped me immensely.  He is, indeed, as good as it gets. (Yelp)

I see Dr. Ettekal for treatment of anxiety and depression. He put me on the right medication, tailored to my specific situation which really turned my life around. He is an excellent Doctor, someone you can trust and who understands what you are going through. He doesn't regurgitate medical text or schedule unnecessary apointments or tests yet he is very thurough. He will try to make the most out of every visit so come as prepared as possible. He is also accomodating to your schedule. I see him at 7pm. (Yelp)

Good luck with your treatment. Be hopeful and trust that you can overcome anything :)  (Yelp)

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