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I believe that in no other time in the history of humanity have we had access to such powerful and transforming medications. Considering the suffering that has gone untreated, and the lengths that human beings have gone through to address these issues, we are fortunate today to have access to medicines that work so effectively.

My training in the use of medication began as a resident at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, specializing in psychiatry. In this stage of my career I became skilled with many of the common psychotropic medications used today.

Importantly, the training I received in psychotropic medications as a resident was elevated to a whole new level in my work in research.  As a Research Psychiatrist, I constantly expanded my knowledge of these same medications already out on the market and their many effects on the human body.  Also, this work as a Research Psychiatrist allowed me to witness firsthand the effects of the latest medications. 

Most importantly, I realize that many of these medications have considerable side effects and that medications are to be used judiciously. As a physician I work with my patients to understand their particular experience of a medication, and that it is only through working in this type of collaboration that these medications can become truly effective.

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